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Family Medicine—Spokane South

Multi-Disciplinary Means Better Education and Better Care

Spokane Teaching Health’s Family Medicine Residency Program in Spokane, WA offers residents full-spectrum learning and medical practice in a wonderful living environment. Our rotational curriculum provides comprehensive experience serving inpatient, obstetric and inpatient pediatrics rotations at Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center, with laboratory and x-ray services at the Spokane Teaching Health Clinic, a little over a mile away.

Full Scope. Whole Person. Your Passion.

Our Family Medicine Residency Program is unique in its collaborative, multi-disciplinary approach. At Spokane Teaching Health, Family Medicine residents collaborate with Internal Medicine and Psychiatric residents, discussing diagnosis and treatment options for complete patient outcomes. This real-world training is unavailable at many other programs.

Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center is the largest tertiary hospital in the Northwest. Additional training takes place at outpatient sites throughout the community. Family Medicine residents address the health care needs of primarily urban, underserved populations, including Medicaid and Medicare patients, some private insurance and sliding-scale fee-for-service patients. Our full-spectrum OB and hospital care is a special program focus. Spokane Teaching Health’s Family Medicine Residency program provides a very stable practice, faculty and staff, which benefits the education of each resident physician.