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Residents train primarily in blocks in Spokane. The only longitudinal aspect during first year is continuity clinic. Here is the usual pattern for RTT R1 Residents:

Obstetrics (12 weeks)

Gynecology (4 weeks)

Peds - Inpatient (8 weeks)

Peds - Outpatient (4 weeks)

ICU (4 weeks)

Sacred Heart House staff (4 weeks)

ENT/Dermatology (4 weeks)

ER (4 weeks)


Residents have their first couple of months in Spokane, but then work in Colville the rest of the year and during their R3 year, apart from electives. There are only 4 training blocks after the first year:

Obstetrics (Spokane) (12 weeks)

Community Medicine/ER (4 weeks)

Surgery (8 weeks)

Orthopedics/Sports Medicine (8 weeks)

The remainder of the R2/R3 curriculum is conducted in a longitudinal fashion:

Continuity Clinic
1-4 half-days per week, including during blocks

OB Call/C-sections
Every other week, for the entire week

Variable (worked around other assignments)

Hospitalist Service
Variable (worked around other assignments)

Woman's Health/Family Planning (1/2 day, every other week, at NETCHD - Health Department)

About 1/2 day, every other week (under development)

Nephrology (Once a month)

Oncology (Once a month)

Cardiology (1-2 times a month)

Research (1/2 day per quarter with mentor, and 1 hour per week)

Practice management (Once per month, each resident, with Dr. Rehn, CEO)