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Grand Coulee

If you've heard of Grand Coulee, Washington before, it was likely due to its famous dam. Powered by the mighty Columbia River, Grand Coulee Dam is the largest power station in the United States and holds back the waters of Lake Roosevelt, a 151-mile long reservoir bursting with recreational opportunties.

While the dam and its reservoir are grand even on a global scale, the few thousand residents of Grand Coulee and its surrounding communities are as accommodating and welcoming as they come.

Situated in the shrub steppe environment of central Washington, Grand Coulee is at the heart of miles of open spaces and outdoor recreation, but is less than two hours from the urban center of Spokane. But unless you crave crowds, there is no reason to leave town.

Grand Coulee is a small quaint community with plenty to do. Interesting shops, delightful restaurants, and fabulous parks will entertain you, while the surrounding region plays out like a geologist’s dream. Soaring basalt cliffs, deep canyons, rolling hills and forested horizons will tempt you to get outside as much as possible. Fortunately, the region’s weather nearly always cooperates with nearly 200 sunny days and only 11 inches of rain each year.

Grand Coulee is the home of the 66,000-square-foot Coulee Medical Center, a 25-bed Trauma Level IV Critical Access Hospital that serves the medical needs of residents and visitors from five surrounding counties and the nearby Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation. Featuring its own lab, radiology center, ER, surgery, and lighted helipad, Coulee Medical Center is the health care hub of this unique region.

The Inland Northwest’s diverse environments span from mountains to deserts, rivers and lakes to urban centers and rolling farmlands. Spokane Teaching Health places Family Medicine residents at the heart of it all.

Family Medicine residents in Grand Coulee work with top-notch physicians and technicians serving this special community.

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